1. The title shot

2. "Guest Stars Andre Maranne" - same shot at day time and the following one with the boats. (Maybe I'll scan it later)

3. "Mark Burns..."

4. There is a shot of the coast line at dark, with the sea at left; I don' thave the scan.

5. "Written by..." - Carlton hotel

6. The portal of the hotel - it's a fake, I don't have the scan.

7. A shot of the house where Mr. Steele gets the Dagger - you see it when he gets down the pipe.

8. A shot of the street he drives down on the motorbike before kissing Joelle and then another street after kissing Joelle - there are several streets, whatever you can get; I don't have the pictures but I think I know approximately where he stole the dagger

9. A lobby of Majestic - possibly when Laura talks to the Inspector or Mildred and Ron; or maybe later, when L&R walks through it, biockering about Steele's indecent behavior.

10. Laura in the quare front of the hotel

11. Laura runs down the ramp after Steele

12. A shot of Majestic after Laura talks to Andre (after commercial break). It should be similar to this one, except there wasn't the restaurant then. And another shot when L&R exit the hotel - there's very clear view. And Mildred with "Restaurant" behind her.

13. I have these shots; if you can make better ones, I'd appreciate it.

I also need a few shots of the place where they're nearly run over by the car; here's the scan I have but they show more angles in the episode:

Also, there is a scene where first the red car and then the cab run around the bend on a very narrow street - I'd appreciate it, too. (It's before they come to a halt in traffic.) And the place where they "land." And whatever shots of the streets you can get would be great. 14. And maybe a couple of shots at the end, in dark, with Carlton and the sea behind them.