Big Leap

On Galernaya Street Ourumov gets stuck in traffic, turns around, and dives into an alley to his left. Bond follows.
Senat Building and Galernaya St.; the tank goes from left to right
The building the tank destroys is to the right of the arch, so as it's easy to see on this photograph, they should resurface again on the bank of Neva river.

Instead, however, they find themselves at Moika River, several miles away, behind the spot they've just been at, and to their left. Magic!

Bank of Moika River

On the bank of Moika River, close to Pushkin Memorial Flat

Bank of Moika River

Bank of Moika River

Parts of this scene were filmed on location. God and the special effects supervisors know how they managed to keep the metal fence intact. I know they would have never been allowed to break it.

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