A few ground rules

  • Tanks don't jump
  • Tanks don't fly
  • Tanks don't skid
  • Tanks aren't allowed into Russian cities
  • Tanks most certainly aren't parked there, not even in case a charming British agent drops by
  • Sometimes that building around the corner is a few miles away
  • Even James Bond can't drive a tank and be seen from the outside, no matter how good he looks while doing it
  • Everything you see on film is real
More rules

"You are in Russia; things are complicated."
The Saint

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  • Clicking on clickable icons in the middle of a page will bring you to a bigger version of the same picture on another page and most probably there won't be a link back. If you get lost in the foreign city... see above
  • If it looks just like the real thing, it's not necessarily real. The purpose of this tour is simply to show the real thing, not to point out what was filmed in Russia and what in England.
  • Enjoy while it lasts.
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