Name That Quote

1 “Let’s play ball!” Thomas Crown Affair. Thomas Crown aloud to himself and the on looking security cameras in TCA. SparklingBlue Ace
2 "First things first." The World Is Not Enough. Bond to Christmas Jones after climbing out of the blown-up pipeline. Ace SparklingBlue
3 "Moneypenny..." Die Another Day. James to Moneypenny. SparklingBlue Ace
4 "Fact is, I used to trap beaver." Grey Owl, while addressing the audience at his first lecture. Ace Yuliya
5 "In matters of this nature, <...>, I find it advisable for subjects to focus on the initial stages on their narrative and then to proceed chronologically." Hounded Steele. Remington Steele to Mildred's bowling buddy the dog groomer Miss Melish. Yuliya Ace
6 “I don't know how to tell you this, but I never cared for your coffee.” Dante's Peak. Pierce to Linda Hamilton in her kitchen. Ace SparklingBlue
7 "Men make women messy." Thomas Crown Affair. Catherine Banning to Thomas Crown, er, on their first date. SparklingBlue Yuliya
8 "Please, don't remove my British charm unit! Without it I'm just another boorish American!" Sympsons, The House of Whacks. Yuliya Yuliya
9 "Your memory just cost me $600, old boy." Steele Threads; Steele to Bullets. CG Ace
10 "No, no, no... no more foreplay." GoldenEye; Bond to Xenia after their little "situation" in the sauna or whatever you call it. Ace Ray
11 "A mere technicality..." Steele Belted. Steele to Holt. Ray CG
12 "Isn't he a stunning piece of work?" That's Mrs. Doubtfire's soundtrack to the jump. CG Yuliya
13 "Planning a party?" Live Wire; PB's Danny O'Neil to Ron Silver's slimy Senator after finding the huge jar of petroleum jelly in his bedroom. Yuliya Ace
14 "You ever done any bowling, Jimmy?" Fourth Protocol, that US soldier guy to PB's Valeri Petrowski. Ace SparklingBlue
15 "Dos cervezas, por favor." Tailor of Panama, Andy Osnard to a Panamian waitress who he then gives the once over as she walks away to get the order. SparklingBlue Ace
16 "Half of everything is luck, James." GoldenEye Ace SparklingBlue
17 "It was a run-by fruiting!" Mrs. Doubtfire. Robin Williams as a mildly plastered Euphegenia to PB as Stu. SparklingBlue CG
18 "Oh God, you don't dance as well, do you?" Tailor of Panama. Francesca to Andy. SparklingBlue Ace
19 "Your paintwork is shite." Evelyn; Desmond Doyle to the Minister of Education. Ace Yuliya
20 "Dlya russkovo vy horosho govorite po-anglijski."
"Ya uchilsja v Oksforde."
The World Is Not Enough. Newclear Fizzycyst X-mas Jones to James Bond and his response that his English is good because he studied at Oxford. Yuliya Ace
21 “Don't worry, I'm not here to take it back." Die Another Day. James to the hotel manager in Hong Kong after discovering him and some other guys behind that mirror. Ace SparklingBlue
22 "Man, I looove Mondays!" Live Wire. Danny O'Neill about defusing a bomb. SparklingBlue Ace
23 "Peanut soup." Mister Johnson Ace SparklingBlue
24 "It's just a word." Grey Owl. It's from the scene where Archie comforts Pony after the ice on the lake broke and she fell into the cold water. He calls her that Indian endearment and she asks him what it means. SparklingBlue SparklingBlue
25 "You animal!" Steele Away With Me; Mildred in Acapulco, holding her "husband." CG Yuliya
26 "You've got one eccentric husband." Live Wire. Danny O'Neill to the woman with the bomb attached to her car. Yuliya SparklingBlue
27 "Like another splash?" Thomas Crown Affair. Thomas Crown to Catherine in Martinique, er, before "the dinner after." SparklingBlue Yuliya
28 "Can't let 'em know what's going on." Thomas Crown Affair. The line belongs to the security guard who a moment later asked Crown if he owned the building. Yuliya Yuliya
29 "If it all works out, you can have my shampoo." The Heist. PB's Neal Skinner to his cellmate. Yuliya Ace
30 "You made your bed." Tomorrow Never Dies. Bond to Paris Carver in his hotel room. Ace SparklingBlue
31 "I don't care if you dye your hair red, white and blue." Grey Owl. Pony to Archie sitting in the cabin. SparklingBlue Jesse
32 "In you get honeybunch, I'm all yours." Nightwatch. Tthe scene where Mike and Sabrina are, erm, discussing their sleeping arrangements. Jesse SparklingBlue
33 "Is it October so soon?" Nomads. The wife says it to Jean Pommier when they go off to bed. He replies, “Nearly November.” SparklingBlue Jesse
34 'I just sat back and sipped mint-juleps.' Detonator. The scene where Mike Graham meets his boss Malcolm Philpott 'Picard' at the airport. Jesse Yuliya
35 "The course of marriage never does run smoothly, does it?" Steele Away With Me. RS after he detours a honeymooning couple and snatches their honeymoon suite. Yuliya Ace
36 "He absorbed Latin yesterday in two hours. It took me a year just to learn the Latin alphabet." The Lawnmower Man. Ace Jesse
37 “Which colour do you prefer, red or green?" Live Wire. PB's Danny O'Neill to the red-haired woman in the car, while defusing the bomb attached to it. Jesse SparklingBlue
38 "I came prepared for a cold reception." The World Is Not Enough. Bond to Elektra King. SparklingBlue Ace
39 "You're late."
"The clock is fast."
"The clock is stopped."
"The clock was fast when it stopped."
Mister Johnson. As Mr. Johnson enters Harry Rudbeck's 'office'. Ace Jesse
40 "I thought you did say you could swim." Around the World in 80 Days. Phileas Fogg to Princess Auoda after being chucked off the boat in NYC. Jesse Ace
41 "You're right is was open, just tight from lack of use." Tailor of Panama. Andy to Fran in response to her asking if the safe had been locked. Ace Yuliya
42 "What happened to your lip?"
"I didn't know you played."
Steele Blushing. After Steele found out Laura's picture was in a porno magazine, he went to see the photographer, met some unpleasant guy(s?) who hit him, and offered Laura the racquetball explanation. Yuliya CG
43 "How many of there are you?" Pocketful of Steele Jackie to Steele. CG Ace
44 "Has anyone ever told you you're a fine woman?" Evelyn. Desmond Doyle to Bernardette Beatty. Ace Yuliya
45 "Keeping your nose to the grindstone only gets you a sore nose." Scene Steelers. The swashbuckling Derek to Mr. Steele about his all work relationship with Laura. Yuliya Ace
46 "Is that your recipe for frog soup?"
"No, that's my recipe for disaster."
Dante's Peak. PB's Dr Harry Dalton in the hospital. The volcanologists are visiting Terry, who broke his leg. PB is arguing that they should not leave DP yet. Ace SparklingBlue
47 "Ladies and gentlemen, this could be a cultural misunderstanding." Mars Attacks. Prof. Donald Kessler on behalf of the Martians on the disturbingly funny annihilation of some rather unlucky humans. SparklingBlue Ray
48 "Would it make any difference if I told you that there hasn't been anyone else?" Murder 101; Charles Lattimore to Laura Lattimore. Jesse Ace
49 "Tell it to the concierge" Die Another Day. Bond to General Moon. Ace Yuliya
50 "My goodness, standards are falling."
"No tie, dear me."
Die Another Day. The stuff spoken in the hotel scene that can only be picked out using the close captioning. Yuliya Ace
51 "Enough!!" The Nephew. He tells it to his daughter in the scene where she (later?) breaks a cup? SparklingBlue Yuliya
52 "I'm making veggie burgers; you want one?" Don't Talk to Strangers. Patrick (Pierce) to Bonner (the ex-husband), when Bonner is questioning him about where they are moving. Yuliya Migs
53 "Do you still make those funny little noises when you make love?" The Heist. PB's Neil Skinner to his betraying ex-lover. Migs Ace
54 "And guess what, you were better in my head." The Mirror has two Faces. Rose to PB's character Alex. Migs Ace
55 "Hi." Long Good Friday. At the swimming pool. Ace Yuliya
56 "Hullo!" License to Steele. Steele or rather Agent Ben Pearson or rather the mysterious guy posing as Ben Pearson addressing the office personal of The Remington Steele Agency. Yuliya Ace
57 "Time for a station break." Tomorrow Never Dies. Bond says when he turns off the power during Carver's satellite broadcast and knocks Carver off the air. Ace Migs
58 " <. . . >, always thinking of yourself." Quest for Camelot. King Arthur says it to Sir Ruber at the Round Table when they meet to divide the lands. Migs SparklingBlue
59 "You like my cheeky twinkle then, huh?" Evelyn. Desmond to um, um....Juliana Margulies. SparklingBlue CG
60 "Come and dance." Tailor of Panama. Andy to Fran in the restaurant. CG SparklingBlue
61 "Can't you read some books?" Evelyn. Desmond says it to Nick Barron when they're talking about his case. Barron says he doesn't know enough about family law and Desmond asks if he can't read some books on it. SparklingBlue Migs
62 "Porko? What's that, pork . . . pig?" Death Train/ Detonator. Mike Graham to Sabrina (his underling who think she's should be treated as an equal partner.) Migs Ace
63 "As far as I know <...> you've never had me." GoldenEye. Moneypenny says it to James B just before he goes to see Tanner. Ace Jesse
64 "You're certainly a lucky man to have her." Simpson's House of Whacks. Pierce says it to Homer about Marge. Jesse Migs
65 "Well, well, at least there's some justice anyway." Manions of America. The "villagers" are having a funeral procession and the "uppity-ups" are on a fox hunt and the fox hunt goes through the funeral procession. One of the horses goes through the hedge instead of jumping over it and the rider falls off. Rory is yelling at the people on the fox hunt and when the riders fall off Rory says, "Well, well there is some justice after all." Migs Yuliya
66 "When I'm watchin' my tv... and that man comes on to tell me..." Hearts of Steele. Laura mangling the Stones as Steele, Murphy and Bernice look on in shock. Yuliya Ace
67 "I'm under glass." Thomas Crown Affair. In Crown’s car at the first date. Ace SparklingBlue
68 "I've always told him he should model himself from me." Evelyn. Michael Beattie to Bernadette on Desmond's presentable looks, after they won the case. SparklingBlue Yuliya
69 "A spear gun?" Thou Shalt Not Steele. Yuliya Ace
70 "I'm your fairy godmother." Tailor of Panama. Andy Osnard to Harry Pendel on Harry asking him who he was. Ace Yuliya
71 "How I've longed for you; to take you in my arms and clasp you to my bosom!" Agatha Christie's The Mirror Crack'd. Elizabeth Taylor's character says it to PB's character on the movie set during the filming of the movie. Yuliya Migs
72 "If you don't mind, madam, I prefer to be alone... ALONE!" Around the World in 80 Days. Phileas Fogg in that bar in Paris to this..erm..woman with the low neckline. Migs SparklingBlue
73 "Showtime!!" Simpson's House of Whacks. PB says it when he lures Homer out of bed with the bacon. SparklingBlue Migs
74 "Men always do what I want." Grey Owl. Pony to Archie when they first meet. Migs SparklingBlue
75 "God, I must be slippin'!" Taffin. Mr. Henderson is in his outhouse and Taffin (PB) is standing outside threatening him when Henderson says something to the effect of "Are you threatening me?" SparklingBlue Migs
76 "We all have moments of self-doubt and despair. The trick is to hang on until they pass." Steele in Circulation. RS said it to the guy who wanted to kill himself because he had stolen a lot of money from the bank where he worked to help his Mexican girlfriend. Migs SparklingBlue
77 "Tough choice." Evelyn. It was tough choice for Bernadette - Fatima Mansions with Doyle or a mansion in America with Nick Barron. SparklingBlue Yuliya/CG
78 "Evidently." Thomas Crown Affair. Crown says it to his secretary when he's leaving the office. CG Migs
79 "...because you will say something contrary just to be contrary." Laws of Attraction. Audrey to Daniel Migs Ace
80 "Expecting a party?" Live Wire. When Danny pulls out the big jar of petroleum jelly and says it to the senator at the senator's house when Danny is making bombs to blow up the bad guys. Ace Migs
81 "Steady fellas, remember the blood pressure." The Nephew. Joe Brady to the two dignified Irish gentlemen in his pub who admire his daughter's friend's legs. Migs SparklingBlue
82 "We did throw away the dead snakes, I'm afraid!" Grey Owl. One of the Aunts to Archie er Grey Owl. SparklingBlue Ace
83 What? No chit chat?" GoldenEye. Bond to Defence Minister Dmitry Mishkin in response to his question by what means he should be executed. Ace Yuliya
84 "The coldest weapon of all." Die Another Day. Bond to Graves about "Miranda's sex". Yuliya SparklingBlue
85 "I wanted you to love me." Grey Owl, from the scene before GO goes in front of the elders; it's his answer to Pony asking why he'd never told her he wasn't Indian. SparklingBlue Yuliya
86 "I am." The Mirror Has Two Faces. Pierce and Barbra Streisand are sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace. She says the dinner was delicious and did he cook it himself. He says he did and she calls him a liar. Then he says "I am." Yuliya SparklingBlue
87 "I had the face for it." Man with five passports posing as Remington Steele in Tempered Steele. SparklingBlue Ace
88 "It is a Kandinsky." Victim Of Love. Paul (Pierce) Tomlinson says it to Tess (JoBeth Williams) Parker in the Art Gallery. Ace Jesse
89 "I must say, I'm very pleased with my purchase." Entangled. Patrick Garavan to David Murkin about the new pistols he just got from his antique dealer. Jesse SparklingBlue
90 "It's a date." Dante's Peak SparklingBlue Yuliya
91 "You need music?" The Heist. Neil Skinner threatens these two thugs Tom Skerritt sent after him with a pistol, forcing them to strip and go swimming in the sea.
"Okay, strip!"
"You need music? Take your clothes off!"
Yuliya SparklingBlue
92 "I should have never encouraged you to speak!" A Mirror Has Two Faces. The mother tells it to the daughter that marries PB (Clair?) when they're walking down the hallway to the chapel for Clair's marriage to PB. SparklingBlue Migs
93 "You first." GoldenEye. Bond to Alec after "Why don't you be a good boy and die?" Migs Ace
94 "... sex for dinner, death for breakfast." Die Another Day. Miranda Frost to Bond. Ace Yuliya
95 "No, ma'am, there has never been any serious illness in my family." Steele Framed. Jimmy Jarvis on telephone to Abigail Holt. Yuliya Lotsofluck
96 "Yes, well it can be addictive, can't it?" Stronger Than Steele - RS tells it to Max. Lotsofluck Yuliya
97 "What do you think I am? Easy?" Let's Steele a Plot. Columbine Cooper to Remington Steele. Yuliya Lotsofluck
98 "Innocent men don't run." Have I Got a Steele for You. Laura to herself. Steele's answer: "Sounds like a Raymond Chandler novel." Lotsofluck Xenos
99 "If all else fails, think, 'what would Pierce Brosnan do?'" The Nanny! Niles to Max Sheffield. CG Xenos
100 "Sounds painful." Fourth Protocol. PB's Valery Petrovski to his neighbour's wife as they dance and after she told him that "most of the guys here are all hat and no cattle." Xenos SparklingBlue
101 "There's lots of things I can do that you don't know about." Evelyn. Desmond Doyle to Bernardette when she says she didn't know he could draw. SparklingBlue Yuliya
102 "Non-co-operation between agencies is the backbone of bureaucracy." Steele Blushing, when the two men came and Mildred refused to show them the case file on Veenhoff because there wasn't any. Yuliya Xenos
103 "You're a doll! You're a doll!" Puzzled Steele. Steele says it to Mildred when she tells him they should be looking for/following Laura instead of looking for the missing guy when Laura and Steele are in the competition to see who can find the missing guy first. Migs Xenos
104 "That'll give her something to talk about..." Dante's Peak. Rachel to Harry about the nosy Dr Fox who just passed by in her car as Harry and Rachel were almost kissing on the bridge. Migs SparklingBlue
105 "Some of the nicest people I know have accents." Altered Steele. RS to Laura as they´re trying to figure out if Terry or Marry tried to kill Frank. SparklingBlue Xenos
106 "Je ne sais quoi." Steele Among the Living. Steele tells it to Leo Blitzman. Xenos Yuliya
107 "Nobody wants to kill me. And if they did, I know exactly who it is!" Steele in the News. Uncle Tim to Murphy Michaels. Yuliya Lotsofluck
108 "Never a good sign when the door's ajar." Steele in the Chips. Steele to Laura after three people have come looking for Walter Munsinger and they go out to start the job, while Steele is hoping to get back to Geena Davis and her tennis racquet. Lotsofluck CG
109 "Three times?" Cast of Steele. Steele is at Lloyd Nolan's house and the mailman is shooting at them. After the first shot, Steele starts to get up, but Lloyd Nolan tells him to stay down because "The Postman Always Rings Twice." After the second shot, Steele starts chasing the mailman and gets shot at again and Steele says, "Three times?" CG Migs
110 "68th and Lexington." The Thomas Crown Affair. Tommy to the taxi driver after he swipes the Monet. Migs Ace
111 "More like an F and back to remedial studies." Murder 101 Ace
112 "Sometimes the truth is painful." Manions of America. Rory O'Manion to Rachael. SparklingBlue Lotsofluck
113 "He has the right to get what he paid for." Hearts of Steele. "The man's paying for Remington Steele, he has a right to get what he paid for. Besides, it's only a problem if there really is a bomb in the car." Lotsofluck Yuliya
114 "Recapitulate the events of the evening for me."
"Come again?"
"What happened last night?"
To Stop a Steele. Steele to Morrie Singer. Yuliya Lotsofluck
115 "He's awake now but there are... complications." Steele Your Heart Away Lotsofluck Migs
116 "I'm alive!" From PB's appearance on Saturday NIght Live, complete with fabio blonde wig and neck bolts. Migs Ace
117 "David beat Goliath in the book I read." Evelyn Ace CG
118 "Every time we look at it, we'll think of you." The Steele that wouldn´t Die, Part I. Laura to Norman Keyes. CG Xenos
119 "I'm only your weapon!" Taffin. PB to Ray McAnally and Frank Kelly as they ask "Mark" to do something about the bad guys who want to build a chemical factory. Xenos SparklingBlue
120 "I have been your protector for many years that you were not aware of." The Broken Chain. Sir William Johnson to his Indian mother-in-law. SparklingBlue Xenos
121 "It's surprisingly dizzying up here." Hearts of Steele. RS to Laura after he ends up on the floor in her office. Xenos Yuliya
122 "I hate what I do for a living." Hearts of Steele; Malcolm Marcall. Yuliya Ace
123 "And every once in a while a beautiful girl from Oslo drops in." Taffin. Mark to Charlotte as they are drinking tea. Ace SparklingBlue
124 "I'll just take my chances." Thomas Crown Affair. After Crown ids the "thieves" and the police ask him if he is willing to testify in court even though testifying could put him in danger. SparklingBlue Migs
125 " . . . okay . . . " (said in a very unsure, confused tone.) The Mirror Has Two Faces. Alex says it to Rose when she tells him he's not good enough for her. Migs Xenos
126 "The bride of Frankenstein." Bonds of Steele - Mildred on the way Laura looked. Also - Steele Away With Me. Laura says it through the door when she can't wait to go with Steele to the bedroom. Xenos CG
127 "That's what makes us such great partners!" Steele Sweet On You. Howie Sabatchnik to Donald Piper. CG Yuliya
128 "A sleazebag and a liar, but a commendable grasp of marketing." Forged Steele. Steele about Mr. Cranston. Yuliya Xenos
129 "Well, I'm all for new experiences." Steele In The News. Steele to Hoops when she asks him out for a brewski. Xenos Ace
130 Mmmmm, unexplained bacon. The Simpsons. Homer smelling the bacon with which PB aka the high-tech house lures him out of bed so he can get rid of him. Ace SparklingBlue
131 "Sounds like a radioactive dogfood." Steele's Gold. Steele to the high tech gold digger about his new hi tech gold finding machine, the Alpha 7500. SparklingBlue Ace
132 "Like riding a bicycle." Dante's Peak. Harry Dalton to Rachael Wando just before they were interrupted by one of Rachael's children. Ace Lotsofluck
133 "When the sentence comes down you can look good or you can look bad, depending on how cooperative you've been." Forged Steele. Keyes to Laura. Lotsofluck Yuliya
134 "I think we've met." Tomorrow Never Dies. Bond to his pushy talking car. Yuliya Ace
135 "You used her as bait." The World is Not Enough. Bond to M about Electra's kidnapping. Ace Xenos
136 "One rises to meet a challenge." Goldeneye. James Bond to Xenia Onatopp when they meet at the Baccarat table. Xenos Lotsofluck
137 "Right now I'm only interested in endangered species." Die Another Day. Bond to Jinx at Graves' party. Lotsofluck SparklingBlue
138 "You wretched mythological moron!" Quest for Camelot. Ruber to his griffin as they are trying to find Excalibur. SparklingBlue Yuliya
139 You'll never believe the proposition I had last night." Steele Among the Living. Remington to Laura the morning after he was visited by Leo Blitzman. Yuliya Lotsofluck
140 "You're not an American, are you?" My Fair Steele. The sick old man to Mr. Steele. Lotsofluck SparklingBlue
141 "And you didn't notice if he's cute?" Laws of Attraction. Audrey's mother about Daniel. SparklingBlue CG
142 "Non-smoking." Mrs. Doubtfire. In the restaurant, PB asks for non-smoking and RW says, "smoking!" knowing that his potential employer is set to meet him in the non-smoking section. CG Ace
143 "She's too good looking to be anything but window dressing." Death Train. Mike Graham about Sabrina Carver. Ace SparklingBlue
144 "Maybe you could send me a tape of this." Laws of Attraction. Daniel to Audrey. SparklingBlue Ace
145 "Strictly plutonic." The World Is Not Enough. James Bond to Dr. Christmas Jones when she asked about his relationship with Electra. Ace IcyCalm
146 "Why fly when you can drive? So much closer to the ground, don't you think?" Dreams of Steele. Remington to Laura. IcyCalm SparklingBlue
147 "You let me seduce you???" Laws of Attraction. Daniel to Audrey. SparklingBlue Deddy
148 "I'm Irish." Manions of America. I Rory O'Manion as he is boarding the ship to Philadelphia. Deddy Lotsofluck
149 "Be careful with these high spirited animals." Manions of America. Rachel's brother to Rachel after Rory "rescued" her. Lotsofluck SparklingBlue
150 "By the way, <...> telephoned. He wonders, have you finished with his van yet?" Laws of Attraction. In the alternate scenes, when Mrs. Flanagan asks it when she opens the door of Castle of Rock to Daniel and Audrey. SparklingBlue Lotsofluck
151 "...and when you least expect it, I will make my presence felt." Steele Trap. Ambrose on TV, greeting his guests. Lotsofluck Yuliya
152 "Someone or something recently scared the living daylights out of you." Altared Steele. Remington to Frank Dannon, the five-timing husband. Yuliya SparklingBlue
153 "I guess that's about as far as I can go." Grey Owl. Archie on undressing in public; he called it a lecture. SparklingBlue Yuliya
154 "Don't spit on it, please." Steele's Gold. Steele to Laura, referring to the handkerchief she used to clean him up in the desert camp after his "epic battle." Yuliya IcyCalm
155 "I'd say goodnight - but honesty prevents me." A Good Night's Steele. Mr Steele to Laura after she threw him out of her doctor's office for wanting to sleep in her bed. IcyCalm SparklingBlue
156 "Meeting's a good idea. Let's get on with it." Laws of Attraction. SparklingBlue Deddy
157 "You made my mind." The quote was left unanswered. Deddy
158 "Coute que coute, je ferai mon devoir." Noble House. Ian's answer to Kasey's "noblesse oblige." SparklingBlue Ace
159 "I have a bunch of sweat shops in the Phillipines." After the Sunset. Max, at one of the dinners Lola arranged with one of the couples she met snorkeling, scuba-diving, fishing, and whatverelseing. Ace Yuliya
160 "Nicely put, <...>. Inaccurate, but nicely put." Steele's Gold. Mr. Steele to Miss Killbride after she claims that he would guide the journal with his life. Yuliya SparklingBlue
161 "An advanced civilisation is by definition not barbaric." Mars Attacks. Dr. Kessler SparklingBlue Ace
162 "I'm Irish. We say what we feel. Get the f*** out." After the Sunset. Max to Stan, as he catches him snooping around in his house. Ace SparklingBlue
163 "When the dance is done, and the drums fall silent, we hurl ourselves upon the hated white man; and we kill. But that costs extra." Grey Owl. The beginning of the movie, the Indian wardance. SparklingBlue Yuliya
164 "But I don't know anything!" GoldenEye. Natalya to Bond after they have been captured. Yuliya SparklingBlue
165 "You wouldn't be able to afford me." Taffin. To the youths who want him to help with the car dealer. SparklingBlue Ace
166 "I could easily f*** that." The Tailor of Panama. Andy Osnard to Pendel as they inspect the dancefloor of the private club. Ace IcyCalm
167 "Ooooh, lousy turn radius!" Steele in the Spotlight. Steele while trying to maye a u-turn chasing the bad guy. IcyCalm Lotsofluck
168 "Quite a salesman." Blood is Thicker than Steele. Steele to Mr. Gallen. Lotsofluck Yuliya
169 "Just do your little dance, junior." Steele Away with Me. Merkle, the very large shadow, to Steele before RS and Miss Holt change partners and dance (and Mildred plays Steele's Unfavorite Wife.) Yuliya Lauryn
170 "Now will you just walk with me, ___. Just walk with me." Steele Spawning. The name's Bing. RS tells it to him after they, handcuffed to each other, realize they don't have a single coin between them. (Therefore can't make a collect call, I suppose.) Lauryn Yuliya
171 "If you were two extraneous wires, where would you want to be connected?" Steele in Premium Steele. Steele, talking about his uncoorperative new VCR. Yuliya Ace
172 You have no furniture. The Thomas Crown Affair. Crown to Catherine at her door after their "first date". Ace SparklingBlue
173 "In London, April is a spring month." The GoldenEye. Bond: "In London, April is a spring month." Wade: "While in St. Petersburg we're freezing our butts off." Yuliya
174 "Pull up an empty promise and sit down." License to Steele. Hunter to Laura after the failed launch of his car. Yuliya SparklingBlue
175 "My family has been in manure for generations!" After the Sunset. Max to one of those boorish American tourists in After The Sunset. SparklingBlue Ace
176 "So what was so important you had to get me out of the saddle on a Saturday night?" The Tailor of Panama. Andy Osnard to Harry Pendel as they walk down the street to the gay bar. Ace SparklingBlue
177 "Stop acting so butch." The Tailor of Panama. Andy to Harry in the gay bar. SparklingBlue Ace
178 "At least those two look uptown. The last pair looked like a couple of flashers." The Thomas Crown Affair. Thomas Crown speaking to Catherine about the undercover cops who were tailing them in the restaurant. Ace Lotsofluck
179 "You stole those,too?" Have I Got A Steele For You. George Edward Mulch to the "Repo Man to the Stars" -- Juan Esteban Castro. Lotsofluck LOOGTHAN
180 "Enough ice for one day." The World Is Not Enough. Bond to Elektra "implementing" her ice cube. LOOGTHAN SparklingBlue
181 "I never bring anyone here." The Thomas Crown Affair. Thomas Crown to Catherine, discussing his Island hideaway. SparklingBlue Ace
182 "Tell it to the concierge." Die Another Day. Bond to General Moon in the Korean prison. Ace SparklingBlue
183 "I came prepared for a cold reception." The World Is Not Enough. Bond to Elektra before they went skiing. SparklingBlue Yuliya
184 "We do our best." The Thomas Crown Affair. Catherine Banning to Thomas Crown after he remarks that at least the two cops following them look uptown. Yuliya Lotsofluck
185 "It's a lost art." GoldenEye. Bond to Defence minister Dimitri Mishkin. LOOGTHAN SparklingBlue
186 "I don't want to be safe." The World Is Not Enough. Elektra to Bond. SparklingBlue Barbara
187 "ACTING Sunshine! And right now you are acting like an Arsehole." The Fourth Protocol. Michael Caine says it to one of his superiors. Barbara Barbara
188 "Are you guys dating?" After the Sunset. uttered by one of the FBI agents to Stan and Max in the Bridge Suite. SparklingBlue LOOGTHAN
189 "Look, there's no need for codenames." "Illustrated Steele". Laura to Remington. SparklingBlue Steeleinc
190 "Must you be so faithful?!" Illutrated Steele. Remington to Laura when she was trying to check Artie's story that somebody had tampered with the breaks on his car. Steeleinc Yuliya
191 "Consider me Old Faithful, honey." High Flying Steele. Delilah to Mr. Steele a.k.a. Nighel Woolsey. Yuliya Ace
192 "What's a bald eagle, Mommy?" Steele Flying High. What kids will be saying to their parents in however many years unless we save the eagles now. Ace CG
193 "Mr. Sinclair is a very quiet man." Sting of Steele. Mr Steele at the airport. CG SparklingBlue
194 "I'm so tense." After The Sunset. Max to Lola SparklingBlue Ace
195 "Takes me five minutes to get through a hospital standard. If the union ever got wind of this, well..." A Good Night's Steele. A sleep-deprived Steele to Ivan after picking the lock of the hospital file cabinet (or whatever they call it.) Ace SparklingBlue
196 "Oh, I don't publish that much now in the colonies." Vintage Steele. SparklingBlue Lotsofluck
197 "Well, anything's possible." Vintage Steele. Lotsofluck SparklingBlue
198 "Smell ya, shouldn't have to tell ya!" The Matador. SparklingBlue Kristyna
199 "Yes, this is off my Mercedes." Mrs. Doubtfire. Stu to Mrs. Doubtfire after she snapped the hood ornament off his car. Kristyna IcyCalm
200 "Trust me." (Name two instances.) Thou Shalt Not Steele. "RS" to Laura. GoldenEye. Bond to Natalya after they have been captured and are about to be interrogated by Defence Minister Dimitri Mishkin. GoldenEye. Bond to Natalya in the library as they are being chased and he pulls out his "tested-for-one" belt. IcyCalm SparklingBlue
201 "Dogs love me. I love dogs. THAT, <...>, is obviously not a dog. It's some other animal masquerading as a dog." Hounded Steele. Perpectually put-upon Remington is referring to Dolittle, the pet/accomplice of former thief/competitor "The Fox." SparklingBlue IcyCalm
202 "Bush beating? Me?" Etched in Steele. Steele to Laura at Charlotte Knight's first party. IcyCalm SparklingBlue
203 "If I'm nice enough to say all this sugary slop the least you can do is stay awake." Signed Steeled & Delivered. Steele to Sheldon SparklingBlue Ace
204 "That was not your position last night, assuming you remember last night's... position." Laws of Attraction. Daniel to Audrey. Ace SparklingBlue
205 "Reading is such a chore." Etched in Steele. Remington to Laura in the limo ride over to Charlotte Night's apartment. SparklingBlue IcyCalm
206 "Wait." (Name two instances.) After the Sunset. Max calls after Lola as she's leaving the fireside on the beach after she learns he stole the diamond. Etched in Steele. Mr. Steele to Laura after they had the argument about Laura never having fun. She storms out and he runs after her and calls for her to wait and asks her to go away with him. License to Steele. RS to Laura, when Hunter was at the microphone introducing the "amazing individual" and Laura assumed he was referring to her. Dante's Peak. Harry, when he dashes into the office to fetch ELF and gets momentarily distracted by the laptop computer, confirming the mountain is about to blow; he says Wait as he taps the screen. IcyCalm SparklingBlue
207 "Uh -uh, <...>. Never bite. Always nibble." Tempered Steele. Steele admonishes Nadine, referring to caviar. SparklingBlue IcyCalm
208 ", another harmless query..." Forged Steele. A blurry, drugged hungover Remington on the phone to the hotel lobby upon waking up after his lost 36 hrs. when he supposedly gambled away the Agency in a poker game. IcyCalm Steeleinc
209 "Once more, into the breach." Hounded Steele. Le Renard. Also, Lofty Steele. Remington, yet again looking up that LOOOONG flight of stairs leading to Laura's loft. Steeleinc IcyCalm
210 "What say we break out the salami?" Etched Steele. Steele to Laura as they are listening to Charlotte Knight's tapes. IcyCalm SparklingBlue
211 "This is a fine example of- uh- plumbing." A Steele At Any Price. Laura says it to Ms. Pitkin about her paintings. SparklingBlue CG
212 "Well, you certainly don't expect me to sit at home while you..." Steele Belted. Laura to RS regarding her previous night date with Craighton Philips. Londonstreet Yuliya
213 "Confirmed that already?" Gourmet Steele. Laura to Steele as he talks about Eloise. Yuliya SparklingBlue
214 "Just admiring your shrubbery." Scene Steelers. Remington is in the tea room, more or less spying on the woman who's in charge of the commercials. SparklingBlue Sparadra
215 "It certainly sounds like you're having a better time than I am." Steele's Gold. RS said it when they were huddling for warmth; he was addressing the guy who was laughing nearby. Sparadra Yuliya
216 "In retrospect, I don't think he was that pleased with the service." Forged Steele. Laura to the waitress, at tearing RS's bracelet off her wrist. Yuliya
Data lost Data lost
217 "Let's just say--previously committed." Steele Searching, Part 2. Remington to Felicia. Cathzinger Peppler
218 "My wife is a woman of many talents." Steele Hanging in There, Part 1. Steele to the boorish client. Peppler Cathzinger
219 "Who is this gobshite?" Evelyn. About the Minister for Education. Cathzinger Peppler
220 "Your accent is a little kind of muddled." Mrs. Doubtfire. Stu to Mrs. Doubtfire. Peppler Lofsofluck
221 "I love that man!" Stronger Than Steele. Spooner says it when Max crashes the new show opening party. Lofsofluck Yuliya
222 "Who is the man that is not taking bath in my bathtub?" Steele In the Family. Steele to Bernard and Clarissa. Yuliya Peppler
223 "I would question why anyone would want to run 26 miles without being chased." Steele In the Running. Steele to Laura and Mildred. Peppler Faroukhina
224 "You embarrassed her, and quite frankly, you disappointed me. I thought we were supposed to be friends." Scene Steelers. Steele to Derek Vivian. Faroukhina Ace
225 "I hate birds. Especially bald ones." Steele Flying High. RS to Laura and Murphy. Ace Lauryn
226 "Where is Dostoevsky?" Etched in Steele. An irate Laura to Murphy and Bernice. Lauryn SparklingBlue
227 "In that case, would you marry me <...>?" Steele Eligible. Steele says it to Laura after she says "...Somebody is going around killing bachelors." SparklingBlue Peppler
228 "Climb, dammit." Steele Spawning. Steele to Bing while handcuffed together and running from the police. Peppler Lotsofluck
229 "Merely a downpayment." Steele At Your Service. RS said that when he was once again knocked on the head and found by the butler, who said he thought RS "had bought the vineyards." Lotsofluck Yuliya
230 "Don't get lost in your work." Molten Steele. Laura to Lord Machmain on his way into a porn shop to sell his new book. Yuliya Ace
231 "My business is my pleasure." The Matador. Julian to the bartender in his Mexican hotel. Ace SparklingBlue
232 "I wish I weren't so damn dedicated." Coffee, Tea, or Steele. SparklingBlue Lauryn
233 "Curious, I'll give you, but thirsting? No, no. No way." Steele Crazy After All These Years. Murphy to Laura about RS's past. Lauryn Yuliya
234 "So I went home and I did what you did."
"I doubt that very much."
Grappling Steele. Mildred to Laura and Steele. Yuliya DCZinger
235 "My six iron is slipping, excuse me." Steele in Circulation. Steele to the shirt-clad Sherry Webster. DCZinger SparklingBlue
236 "I find it rather novel helping people." Sting of Steele. Remington to Daniel. SparklingBlue Steeleinc
237 "I have nothing to hide." Steele Hanging in There Part II. Remington says it to Tony right after Tony says "You seem to have an answer for everything." Steeleinc Peppler
238 "Sounds a lot better than a bandage." Have I Got a Steele For You. Steele to Laura when she says she wants to put her arms around him after she bandaged up his cracked ribs. Peppler Ace
239 "I lie when I need to, tell the truth when I can." The Matador. Julian to Danny and Bean in the scene set in the Wright's living room in Denver. Ace SparklingBlue
240 "I'm not a f***ing magician, you know." The Matador. Julian to his handler. SparklingBlue Icyvice
241 "This is the most important thing to happen since Jesus walked in Galilee." Mars Attacks!. Professor Donald Kessler in SJP's talk show. Icyvice SparklingBlue
242 "Hullo, nice little American shag!" Stronger than Steele. Remington to Laura at Laura's place. SparklingBlue Icyvice
243 "If you can touch the horizon, you're near your journey's end." Laws of Attraction. Right before that car goes down the hill. Icyvice Susan
244 "Here's to the fear of being trapped." The Thomas Crown Affair. Crown's toast on his first date with Catherine. Susan SparklingBlue
245 "Can't I just do a computer check?" Now You Steele It, Now You Don't. Mildred says it when Remington is putting the finishing touches ("A little dab of eau de carp") on her bag lady disguise so she can go pass phony money at the gambling place. SparklingBlue Meme
246 "Well, I hear he keeps his hands off his students." Murder 101. The Detective to Professor Lattimore (and he heard wrong.) Meme Ace
247 "I am a big fan of the 'Everybody's got to pee' theory of assassination." The Matador. Julian to Danny. Ace Susan
248 "Close, but no cigar." The World Is Not Enough. Bond to Moneypenny, giving her a cigar from Switzerland. Susan SparklingBlue
249 "I won't play the sap for you!" Steele Flying High. Steele to Grace Stanton after he was, er, sapped on the head by the gunsel in the reincarnation of a scene from Maltese Falcon. SparklingBlue Yuliya
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