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Pictures and information:

  • Making of GoldenEye, Garth Pierce, Boxtree Limited, 1995
  • Saint Petersburg, Aurora Art Publishing, 1994
  • Leningrad, M. Yogansen, V Lissovski. "Monuments des XVIII-XX siécles" series, "Ikusstvo" Publishing House, 1982
  • GoldenEye, or For Those In Tank by Vladislav Pavlov at General Grubozaboyschikov's Secret Archive. Information only; no picture was borrowed from the site.
  • Peterlink
  • The Cathedral of Transfiguration web page at Kostyor magazine
  • Our Lady of Smolensk web page at the official site of The Parish of The Church of Our Lady of Smolensk and The Chapel of St. Xenia of St. Petersburg
  • Out TIME with James Bond, Omega, 1999
In Memoriam Valentin Zhukovsky   In Memoriam Valentin Zhukovsky
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